I heard Rao’s is now part of Campbells. Are you concerned they will change the Rao’s brand that we love?

We are excited to be part of the Campbell family now! No, Campbell is committed to maintaining the high-quality standards that Rao’s is so well known for. We’ve been assured that Campbell won’t touch any of the products!

Will Campbell produce these products at its own plants? Will they shut down existing plants?

Campbell has no plans at this time to change the production location of the products.

Rao’s sauce is made with Italian tomatoes. Will Campbell change its ingredient sourcing to the U.S.?

Campbell has committed to not touching the recipe for Rao’s sauce, including the sourcing of tomatoes from Italy.

Will Campbell raise prices for new products?

Campbell has no immediate plans to raise prices for new products.

My family loves Rao’s sauce and has been using it for years. Will Campbell change the recipe?

We love Rao’s sauce too! Campbell is committed to maintaining the same high-quality ingredients and recipes for Rao’s sauce. This includes a commitment to maintaining the same high-quality standards for all Rao’s products.