Black Olive Spread Crostini | Rao's Homemade

Black Olive Spread Crostini

  • 1 cup Rao’s Homemade Mediterranean Olives
  • 1 cup of Rao’s Homemade Black Olive Spread
  • 1 bunch of grapes
  • 1 loaf fresh-baked Italian bread

“Sometimes we won’t have a formal meal, but I love to put out a selection of cured meats, cheeses and other antipasti dishes.  The Mediterranean Spiced Olives, Black Olive Spread, and Sundried Tomatoes are the perfect compliment to a spread.”

– Frank Pellegrino Jr.


Wrap bread in aluminum foil and warm in a 300-degree oven for 10-15 minutes.


Remove the bread and cut into thick slices. Transfer the slices to a platter.


Place the mixed olives in a small bowl on the platter, as well as the olive spread, and arrange the grape vines on the platter


Serve the platter with the warm bread and enjoy!

Black Olive Spread
Steeped in rich extra virgin olive oil after being harvested, our black olives have been prepared in the traditional Italian way to create this irresistible tapenade.
Mediterranean Spiced Olives
An assortment of delicious green and black olives with a little bit of heat.