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Sensitive Formula Marinara Case
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Sensitive Formula Marinara Case

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For people who are sensitive to the flavor or the effects of onions or garlic, Rao’s developed Sensitive Formula Marinara Sauce which achieves full-bodied taste without the use of onions or garlic.

  • Formulated without onions or garlic.
  • Great for all ages! Children through Seniors
  • Lower Sodium than Rao's Marinara sauce.
  • No added sugar

Rao's Sensitive Formula Marinara is made with Italian tomatoes, Italian olive oil, fresh carrots, fresh celery, salt, fresh basil.


A case of sauce contains 12 (24oz.) jars.

Nutritional Facts: COMING SOON

Shared by a customer:

As a person who has to follow the most rigorous low-FODMAPs diet regimen, I have found your Sensitive Formula Marinara Sauce a blessing. Not only is it the best sauce I have ever eaten, whether from a jar or from Nonna's cucina, but it never gives me gastric distress, as, sadly, hers did.
With a bit of sugar and salt and some heavy cream, it makes superb tomato-basil bisque.
Straight from the jar, it makes incomparable spaghetti and meatballs, the basis for Sunday gravy, great chicken marinara, succulent eggplant parmesan, and all the other recipes that call for red sauce.
Thanks, RAO's, for giving me the taste of Italy again!

 Mrs. G. A. B. from AK 3/14/2016

Customer Reviews
Rating Best Sauce EVER!!
I'm on a low FODMAP diet, avoiding garlic and onions, and this sauce is INCREDIBLE! While not always the easiest variety to find in the supermarket (oh please start selling at Whole Foods), it is the BEST SAUCE I'VE EVER HAD! Even if i wasn't avoiding onion and garlic, i would buy this sauce hands down. Love it, and please don't ever discontinue it. :)
  Reviewed by:   from CA . on 10/21/2015
Rating Thank you!
Thank you so much for this product! I have IBS and many food sensitivities and have been following the Low-FODMAP diet with great relief, but can't tolerate onions or garlic. This is PERFECT for me! Delicious! I put some on spaghetti squash, or gluten free pasta, even over roasted veggies, and I don't feel deprived at all! You guys rock!
  Reviewed by:   from NY. on 3/1/2015
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